Homecoming Dance Dinner Party: Elegant Dinner at Home Before the Dance

High School Homecoming Dances are right around the corner, and if your teen is like most high schoolers, he will be eating dinner with his date prior to or following the dance. For a change of pace, why don’t you host a Homecoming Dinner Party at your home for your student and several other couples? Let the students experience an elegant dinner, without the accompanying price tag by turning your dining room into a secluded, intimate bistro? You can cook your most elegant recipes or have the dinner catered. Make the Homecoming Dinner Party special with some simple pre-planning regarding linens, service, and serviceware and send your teens to the Homecoming Dance with a great start.

Set the theme

  • Copy the high school’s dance theme and coordinate the dinner to it or
  • Use a color for the theme pattern. Your teen need to make sure that all participants wear same pattern of clothes or accessories.
    • floral pattern is easy to prepare. You can use brown as a theme color.
    • Participants can prepare some brown color accessories. Men can wear floral print ties and women can wear floral print dresses.
  • You can choose your own theme

Since the students will all be dressed up, an easy and sure-fire theme is any one that incorporates “an evening of elegance,” and that will be the theme this article will use.

Simple & Elegant Invitation

  • Have your teen create a simple invitation on the computer and print it out on bright white, antique ivory or trendy gray linen card stock.
  • Use a font that resembles calligraphy, such as Zapf Chancery, but make sure that the font is not too ornate or the invitation will look busy and will be too difficult to read.


  • Dress your dining room table in a simple white cloth, and use coordinating cloth napkins.
  • Bring drama into the room by using plates that are rimmed in a bold color (black, silver, or gold are all good options).
  • Use crystal glassware and silverware, if they’re available.
  • An elegant floral centerpiece and many votives in clear glass or cut glass votive holders will add class. Make sure to use a low centerpiece — one that stands too tall will be a visual block, and will discourage discussion across the table.

Options for Background Music

  • Light classical or Boston Pops is a solid choice.
  • Select Singers & Standards (i.e. Frank Sinatra, Ray Connick, Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, etc) for a more eclectic, trendy feel.
  • Use soft rock if you feel your teens would choke on their food with anything more “traditional!”

Food Service & Menu Options

  • You could choose the VERY easy route, and cater the meal from a local restaurant.
  • If you’d like to be more involved in the meal preparation, follow these guidelines. Make sure that nobody has any special dietary concerns.

You can invite some of the other couples’ parents to help you in the kitchen and in serving the meal. You can also ask one of them to act as photographer to get some cute candid shots (of both the teens and the parent waitstaff!). With just a little bit of effort, you can create a wonderful and fun evening for everyone involved.